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J F Elliott & Associates is dedicated to raising the level of understanding and dialogue about leadership in all types of organizations.  Business and government alike need leaders who define a compelling vision, encourage the practice of ethics, maintain a strong connection to reality, and exercise their freedom and courage to act.


There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of leadership books on the market. The various authors tell stories of success, describe the attributes of great leaders, suggest how to discover your personal strengths, help you get in touch with your emotions, and teach the importance of creating a compelling vision. All of these are important messages about being a successful leader.


But how can you translate these concepts into action?


We believe that investing in meaningful leadership conversation, developing the new generation of leaders, and learning more about what motivates and drives both you and your staff are important steps toward assuring the success of your organization.


If you are interested in developing new leaders, contact us.  We can help.


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